RSS preferences

Use the RSS pane of Safari preferences to set options for handling RSS articles.

Option Description
Default RSS reader (Mac only) If you downloaded a different RSS reader application, open the menu, choose select, and then select the RSS reader. You can also use the Mail application as your RSS reader. If you choose Mail, an RSS mailbox is added to the Mail sidebar, and when you navigate to an RSS page in Safari, Mail opens or comes to the front.
Automatically update articles in Safari can notify you about new articles (updates) on RSS pages in the bookmarks bar, bookmarks menu, or both. When Safari finds new articles, it displays the number of new articles next to the bookmark’s name.
Check for updates Choose how often Safari should check for new articles.
Mark articles as read Choose whether articles should be marked as read after you view the RSS page, or after you click the individual articles. To make unread articles more visible, select “Highlight unread articles.”
Remove articles Specify how long Safari should keep RSS articles in the list. Click Remove Now to immediately delete all saved information for all RSS feeds.