Privacy preferences

Use the Safari privacy preferences to remove and block data that websites can use to track you.

Option Description
Cookies and other website data
Remove All Website Data To remove all cookies, tracking information, and other information stored on your disk by websites, click this button. Websites won’t remember you after you remove their cookies and other stored items, so you may have to re-enter information such as your mailing address, account names, and other items.
Details Click to see a list of websites that have stored cookies and tracking information on your computer.To remove any items a website has stored on your computer, select the website and click Remove.
Block cookies
From third parties and advertisers Select to reject cookies from advertisers and from “third parties”—websites other than those you open. This might help prevent certain advertisers from storing cookies on your computer.
Always Select to always block cookies. This may prevent you from using some websites.
Never Select to never block cookies, including ones from third parties and advertisers.
Location services
Limit website access to location services Some websites use information about your current location to provide you with certain services and features. Your location is approximated using data from nearby Wi-Fi networks.Safari asks before permitting a website to use information about your location. You can choose how frequently this prompt appears.

If you don’t want websites to ever request or use your location information, select “Deny without prompting.”