Twitter Tools


featherfortwitter_20110524.pngFeather for Twitter
When Twitter was updated, a lot of clutter came along for the ride. Feather removes unnecessary images and plenty of other text that just makes it harder to see the information you really want to read.


twitrpix_20110524.pngTwitrPix Express for Safari
TwitrPix Express lets you quickly and easily share photos to your friends, family, co-workers and followers on Twitter by just right-clicking the image.


twitter-ssl_20100930.pngTwitter SSL
With this extension, you can automatically use SSL on


powertwitter_20100831.jpgPower Twitter
Power Twitter allows you to see and post photos, watch videos, shrink urls, and see the content behind links while on


This extension automatically translates foreign-language tweets into your language.


followfreely_20100818.jpgFollow Freely
This extension hides the “Who To Follow” box that appears on Twitter.


echofonit_20100727.jpgEchofon It
Echofon automatically transfers the title and URL of the current web page to the Echofon Twitter app.


Nambu is a free Mac OS X application that lets you quickly and easily tweet links. The Nambu extension works with the desktop application. It encapsulates Nambu’s bookmarklet allowing you to tweet the current page with Nambu.


TweetBar conveniently places your Twitter feed in its own browser bar in Safari. Follow shared URLs and click user names and @replies. TweetBar shows you as many tweets as your Safari window will allow.


tweetbeatfirsthand_20100727.jpgTweetbeat Firsthand
See what the people you’re reading about have to say for themselves. This simple yet powerful utility brings in recent tweets from people and groups mentioned on the web page you’re viewing. Just mouse over the little blue icons to see firsthand updates.


twitterforsafari_20100727.jpgTwitter for Safari
The official Twitter extension for Safari brings real-time trends and information to every web page. Show related tweets and Twitter users. Keep track of what’s trending at the moment, including any mention of the web page you’re on. You can also tweet about the web page you’re viewing — complete with a link that’s already shortened for you.