Search Tools


pagerankunleashed_20110318.jpgPageRank Unleashed
PageRank Unleashed displays the Google PageRank of the page that you are currently viewing. This extension displays the PageRank automatically in the top right corner of the page so that no clicking is necessary.


search-sidebar_20110318.jpgThe Search Sidebar
The Search Sidebar shows you results from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more on the right-hand side of the Google search results page and other major search engines. Save time by searching all your sources in one place.


Double click on any word within a page and get its definition in a small pop-up bubble. A link to the corresponding Wikipedia page is also suggested when applicable. Toolbar
This Safari extension from, the largest and most trusted online dictionary, will help you instantly find definitions, synonyms, encyclopedia information, and quotes. Use the translator tool to translate words, sentences and longer text. You can even explore words with quick access to’s Hot Word blog and tons of fun word games and crossword puzzles.


GToolbar is available for Safari. Search with SSL on the Web, News, Blog, Discussions, and Twitter Realtime Search. Access Google with a single click. View your Google Bookmarks. Translate websites into more than 40 languages.


faviconizegoogle_20100831.jpgFaviconize Google
View Favicons next to Google search results when you search from or from the Search Field in Safari.


With this extension, a Command-K keyboard shortcut makes a search bar appear. You can customize the keyboard shortcut, choose and add search engines, and restyle the appearance of the search bar.


apturehighlights_20100818.jpgApture Highlights
Apture Highlights lets you search the web without leaving the webpage you’re on. When you highlight a topic you can instantly search and view content from YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Google Maps and more. Search results open in miniature popup. You can also share content on Facebook, Twitter, or with email.


Search IMDB, YouTube, Wikipedia, Google, Google Maps, Amazon, and other sites from the KeySearch toolbar. You can add your own keywords to search different sites. Toggling the toolbar button makes the KeySearch bar appear or disappear.


minigooglemaps_20100818.jpgMini Google Maps
This extension allows you to search Google Maps without leaving the webpage you’re on. Click on the toolbar button to access a map in a popup window, as well as information other business near the location you’re searching.


This extension adds a toolbar to Safari for quick access to search with You can also search highlighted text with a context menu. Settings allow you to choose whether search results open in a new tab, a background tab, a new window, or the current tab.


binghighlights_20100727.jpgBing Highlights
Get quick and easy access to Bing from any website. Simply highlight text to get instant maps, translations, flight status, and search results. It’s smart, it’s visually organized, and it keeps things simple.
By using Bing Highlights, you agree to be bound by the terms of the Application License Agreement.


CustomSearch allows you to easily send the selected text to one of up to eight search engines — right from the toolbar or a contextual menu. CustomSearch includes search entries for Wikipedia, Google, Bing, and Amazon.


GLogoChanger allows you to change the logo of Google search and home pages. Choose to leave the default extension setting, which will randomly choose a logo from Google. Or customize the page with your own logo.


googlesearchcleanup_20100727.jpgGoogle Search Cleanup
Mark Frelink
Miss the days of a clean, uncluttered Google? Google Search Cleanup transforms Google’s home and search results pages to look the way they did way back when.


Mafuyu is a Safari extension that adds keyboard shortcuts to Google results pages. Navigate to the first result by pressing the keys G1H or to the next page by pressing GNH.


oldgoogleimagesearch_20100727.jpgOld Google Image Search
Evan Magaliff
Old Google Image Search reverts Google’s image search results from the current one-page layout to the previous paginated layout.


searchpreview_20100727.jpgSearch Preview
Felix Cloutier
Search Preview gives you a preview of your search results via thumbnails. It works with Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.


trueknowledgesearchenhancer_20100727.jpgTrue Knowledge Search Enhancer
The True Knowledge Safari extension enhances your search engine results by inserting a direct answer to your search query above the search results. We only insert an answer if we’re able to find one. If we can’t, then your search results remain unchanged. The extension currently works with the Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Ask search engines.