RSS Tools


addtogooglereader_20100727.jpgAdd To Google Reader
Add your favorite RSS feeds to Google Reader or iGoogle with a simple click of the RSS button in the Smart Address Field of Safari.


bettergooglereader_20100727.jpgBetter Google Reader
Add user scripts such as a Colorful List View, an Unread Counter, or a Collapse/Expand button to enhance Google Reader.


googlereadercompact_20100727.jpgGoogle Reader Compact
Google Reader Compact maximizes the area that displays your Google Reader articles.


googlereadersnowleopard_20100727.jpgGoogle Reader for Snow Leopard
Make Google Reader look and feel more like a native Mac application.


googlereaderstyles_20100727.jpgGoogle Reader Styles
Google Reader Styles lets you pick a new style for Google Reader.


googlereadertools_20100818.jpgGoogle Reader Tools
Customize Google Reader with the built-in Helvetireader or Lucidia styles, or use your own stylesheet. A toolbar button allows you to check your Google Reader account for unread items. You can also choose whether to let Safari handle RSS feeds or to show the feeds in Google Reader.


GReader is a Google Reader extension that updates you on your unread news and allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds through Google.


postrankextension_20100920.jpgPostRank Extension
PostRank lets you filter Google Reader results. You can score, filter, and track the performance of RSS feeds. It also works with Digg and Reddit.


sharetogooglereader_20100727.jpgShare To Google Reader
Song Du
Select text from the web page you’re viewing and click the Share To Google Reader button. Items you share can include notes.