upshot_20110524.pngUpShot Safari Extension
The UpShot Safari Extension helps you take screenshots of websites and send them quickly to UpShot.The upshots will be saved as drafts to let you modify them later before final sending to your clients.


WikiPics improves your Wikipedia experience, giving you fast and convenient ways to navigate pictures and photos on Wikipedia articles. Pictures will open in large sizes and you’ll be able to navigate quickly with your mouse or keyboard.


enlargeflickrImage_20100927.jpgEnlarge Flickr Image On Google Reader
When you use Google Reader, this extension replaces Flickr RSS feed images with larger images or embedded video.


gallerygrabberqed_20100914.jpgGallery Grabber QED
Gallery Grabber QED is a tool for the Mac for downloading graphic files from web -based picture galleries. It extracts only the gallery images themselves, leaving banners, thumbnails and page design behind. The Gallery Grabber QED Safari extension works with Gallery Grabber to allow you to grab the gallery images from the web page you’re on.


Right-click images to find out where else they appear on the web using, or search for similar images with Click the toolbar button to search all the images on a webpage with TinEye.


Hover your mouse over images to zoom profile pictures and other photos from Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Picasa, Twitter, Digg and more.


awesomescreenshot_20100727.jpgAwesome Screenshot
Awesome Screenshot lets you capture, annotate, and share screenshots with a click. You can crop, show area dimensions, annotate with shapes and text, and blur your screenshot. You can even choose to capture the entire web page. Then upload your screenshot to share it.


ExifExt adds a contextual menu item that lets you view the EXIF information for an image with a simple right-click.


flickroriginal_20100727.jpgFlickr Original
Flickr Original adds a contextual menu item that lets you quickly view a photo in its original size by right-clicking the photo thumbnail.


The FlickrPlus extension adds a collection of links to the Flickr photo page sidebar. The links provide quick access to Flickr actions such as viewing an image on a black background, obtaining its short URL, seeing all sizes of the image, and more.


imgurupload_20100727.jpgImgur Upload
Imgur Upload is the perfect tool for sharing images on your favorite social networking site. Right-click an image to upload it to Imgur and get the Imgur link. A setting gives you the option to edit the image before you upload it.


The LittleSnapper Safari extension is a great complement to LittleSnapper for Mac. It allows you to snap, comment, and rate the web page you’re on.


Snapper takes a screenshot of the web page you’re currently viewing. Drag the image to your desktop or any folder or application.


tineyereverseimagesearch_20100727.jpgTinEye Reverse Image Search
With the official TinEye Reverse Image Search extension, you get one-click access to TinEye’s advanced image search engine. This extension adds a contextual menu item that allows you to search for an image to find out where it came from, how it’s being used, if modified versions of the image exist, or to find higher-resolution versions.