This extension cleans up the appearance of macrumors.com and reduces page load time on the site.


redditMinimal_20101018.pngReddit Minimal
Cleans up the display of reddit.com and gives it a minimalist look and feel.


currencyconverter_20100823.jpgSafari Currency Converter
This extension automatically converts prices in a webpage to the currency that you select in the Extension Preferences, and uses the current exchange rate.


comicsansbegone_20100727.jpgComic Sans Be Gone
Comic Sans Be Gone replaces all occurrences of the Comic Sans MS font on any web page with the Helvetica font to improve readability.


daringfireballwithcomments_20100727.jpgDaring Fireball with Comments
This extension adds comments to John Gruber’s daringfireball.net, in order to encourage stimulating in-depth and well-informed discussions on tech news. It is not supported nor endorsed by daringfireball.net or John Gruber.


googlefontsinsafari_20100727.jpgGoogleFonts in Safari
GoogleFonts lets you change the default font of websites to any font from the Google Font Directory. It’s an ideal way to test how fonts will look on your own site before implementing it. Simply click a font name in the toolbar to change a site’s font. Click Default Font to revert back to the original font.


HelveticaTheWorld allows you to make Helvetica the primary font on every web page. Once you install the extension, the text on every web page will appear in Helvetica.


instapapergreystyled_20100727.jpgInstapaper Greystyled
Instapaper Greystyled lets you restyle Instapaper to make it more beautiful and easier to read.