acleaneryoutube_20110408.jpgA Cleaner YouTube
Now you can watch YouTube videos without all the visual distractions of the website. A Cleaner YouTube transforms YouTube into a clean and tranquil place.


gctidy_20100831.jpgGC Tidy
This extension works with Geocaching.com. It modifies the layout of search results, maps, and other features. It can also replace image links with thumbnails, rearrange the profile navigation bar, and let you post logs directly on the cache page.


Replaces Flash on video.nhl.com with HTML5 video.


less-imdb_20101221.pngLess IMDB
Less IMDb rearranges IMDB’s layouts to emphasize credits and minimize clutter.


When you listen to music on YouTube.com, Pandora.com, or other places on the Internet, this extension keeps track of your playlist and automatically posts it on a music tab on your Facebook profile.


mlbtoolbar_20100727.jpgMLB.com Toolbar
The MLB.com toolbar gives you up-to-the-moment news on all of the day’s games. Access free, live “look-ins” to key moments from every game — exclusive to MLB.com. Check the pitching match-ups, who’s at bat, and who’s on base as they happen on the field. Use your MLB.TV subscription to watch every out-of-market game live or listen to any radio broadcast. Stay locked on your favorite team’s game or let the toolbar automatically cycle through the live scoreboard.


rottentomatoes_20100727.jpgRotten Tomatoes
The official Rotten Tomatoes extension adds a convenient search bar for Rotten Tomatoes. It also displays the latest tomatometer scores for film openings and top box office movies in theaters.


speedscrabblenotifier_20100727.jpgSpeed Scrabble Notifier
Speed Scrabble is a fun word game that challenges you to form words faster than your opponent. It’s a good time in single-player mode, but it’s even better when you play with others. This extension lets you see who’s on the site, so you can drop in for a game.


ted-html5_20110318.jpgTED HTML5 player
Janez Troha
HTML5 video player on Ted.com. Quality switching, switches back to Flash, remembers where you last left off.


This extension offers quick access to Tudou.com, one of the top Chinese video-sharing sites. Users can get information about popular videos as well as shortcuts to them. A right click lets you search words on a webpage for related videos in Tudou, and you can easily follow your friends’ activities on Tudou. The extension is in Simplified Chinese only.


turnoffthelights_20100727.jpgTurn Off the Lights
This extension dims everything in the background, so you can enjoy the video you’re watching without any distractions.


VimeoEmbiggener expands Vimeo videos to the full width of the web page. It also removes the Related Videos sidebar.


warcraftreference_20100727.jpgWarcraft Reference
Warcraft Reference provides realm status for any U.S. World of Warcraft realm and various research tools.


widervimeo_20100727.jpgWider Vimeo
The Wider Vimeo extension changes the width of Vimeo videos. Video playback is larger and other content is moved further down the page.


youtubewide_20100727.jpgYouTube Wide
Enjoy watching your YouTube videos in widescreen? YouTube Wide makes widescreen the default view.


Watch YouTube and Vimeo videos in a non-distracting environment. You can click on the black background of the video page to get to the main menu, where you can tweet and email the video’s shortened address.