Qtaccess – The name of the plain text access file that contains information about users and groups who are authorized to view media in the directory in which the access file is stored.

QTSS QuickTime Streaming Server – A technology that lets you deliver media over the Internet in real time.

Quartz – One of the graphics services in Mac OS X.

QuickTime – A system software extension that allows the playing of synchronized video and sound clips on a Macintosh or PC. A technology from Apple for handling video, sound, animation, graphics, text, music, and 360-degree virtual reality VR scenes. QuickTime lets you experience more than 200 kinds of digital media with your Mac or PC including images, music, MIDI, and MP3.

QuickTime Player – An application, included with the QuickTime system software, that plays QuickTime movies.

QuickTime Pro – A version of QuickTime Player with advanced features, primarily the addition of editing capabilities.

Quit – The Mac command for quitting an application. Quitting an application on the Mac is the same as exiting it in Windows.