Jacket – A square of plastic that protects a 5.25-inch disk. You don’t remove the jacket and expect to ever use the disk again.

Java Client – A WebObjects development approach that allows you to create graphical user interface applications that run on the user’s computer and communicate with a WebObjects server.

Java Foundation Classes – A set of graphical user interface components and services written in Java. The component set is known as Swing.

Java Script – A scripting language used to add interactivity to web pages.

JDBC – Informally stands for Java Database Connectivity. An interface between Java platforms and databases.

JEDEC – Joint Electron Device Engineering Council.

JNDI Java Naming and Directory Service – Protocol that provides a standard API to naming and directory services.

Joystick – A peripheral device that moves creatures and objects in games.

JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group, a standard for the data compression of still pictures. JPEG compresses image files to yield a smaller file size. The trade off is that some image data is lost in the compression process. JPEG is therefore termed as a lossy format. JPEG is recommended when exporting a still image from a DV clip if the intent is to send the picture through email or use it on the World Wide Web.