G3 and G4 – Generation 3, the third generation of PowerPC microprocessors, including the PPC 740 and PPC 750. The RISC-based PowerPC processing chips designed by Apple, IBM, and Motorola.

Garbage – A string of meaningless characters that bears no resemblance to your document. It’s an indication that your computer and peripheral device are using different bauds or data formats.

Gateway – A combination of hardware and software that enables networks using different protocols to communicate with one another. For example, a gateway can connect an AppleTalk network with a network using non-AppleTalk protocols such as TCP/IP.

GB – Gigabytes.

Gigabyte – One thousand actually 1024 megabytes. A term used to describe RAM or hard disk storage space. Abbreviation-GB, Gig.

Gigahertz – Abbreviated as GHz. One GHz represents one billion cycles per second.

GND – ground.

GNU (pronounced “guh-NEW”) Compiler Collection (GCC) – A program that converts programming statements into machine language. GCC takes the lines of code written by a programmer and converts them into a form the computer can use.

Graphics accelerator – Also called an accelerator board. A type of expansion board that makes a computer faster by adding a faster CPU or FPU.

Graphics Mode – A way of displaying text and graphics on the screen. In graphics mode, images are formed by patterns of dots.

Graphics Tablet – A device for drawing pictures. A special pen sends out signals that are detected by wires in the tablet and sent as X and Y coordinates to the screen.

Graphics – Information presented in the form of pictures or images.

Group Directory – A directory that organizes documents and applications of special interest to group members and allows group members to pass information back and forth among them.

Group – A collection of users who have similar needs. Groups simplify the administration of shared resources.

Guard Tone – A guard tone is a tone emitted by the modem when it detects a carrier. Different countries use guard tones of different frequencies. For instance, the default guard tone for the United Kingdom is 1800 Hz.

Guest Computer – An unknown computer that is not included in a computer account on your server.

Guest User – A user who can log in to your server without a user name or password.